Business Intelligence (BIO Tools)

Lolopop BIO Tools integrates all essential data warehouse functions. BIO Tools is able to acquire, clean, qualify, process, exchange, relate, store and report data collected from many sources. Lolopop is especially useful to organizations that must formulate, support, and monitor policy and procedure to solve critical challenges where quality of data must be guaranteed to a certain level and confidence in outcomes must be measurable and favorable ... particularly in environments which must respond to frequent business, legislative or regulatory reporting requirements.

Lolopop BIO Tools Data Analysis & Reporting

BIO Tools ensure complete provenance and quality for any reported result and work in real time, rather than batch mode. BIO Tools reacts immediately to changes in data structure and data elements -- without reprogramming, automatically and immediately generating reports when there is enough data to assure quality and confidence in the results. BIO Tools incorporates and chooses appropriate statistical techniques, eliminating transaction overhead. BIO Tools demonstrates reproducible results (what goes in Lolopop stays in Lolopop) and promotes fair assessment of effectiveness of resources and processes for both incremental and constant improvement. Lolopop BIO Tools also foster fair assessments of the effectiveness of equipment, personnel, policies and procedures.

Lolopop BIO Tools Technical Environment

The driving philosophies behind Lolopop BIO Tools are simplicity and flexibility. All tools may reside on Windows Server 2000, 2003 or 2008; Clients – XP, Vista, Windows 7 and potentially Windows 2000. There are many alternatives to address bottlenecks:

  • Processing: multiple copies of services can be run on multiple servers.
  • Database: parallel synchronized data structures on multiple servers. Currently supported on SQL Server 2005, 2008 & 2012 and Oralce 11g.
  • Network: speed can be increased or network connections can be added.

Lolopop loads all configuration information and rules into client memory and the optimized dynamic stored procedures are on the server(s).

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Lolopop BIO Tools gathers, reports and analyzes
on disparate data, and:
  • fosters Data Quality Act compliancy;
  • introduces the Source of Authority for each data element;
  • captures incoming transactions in correct time order for each event providing complete audit trail of all events and any anomalies associated with an event;
  • applies rules to monitor event activity, rule enforcement and gather case information in real time with immediate event notification;
  • permits reconstruction of an event, or series of events, for investigational/litigation purposes for any date, combination of dates both separately and cumulatively with complete validation for accuracy and sequence of data;
  • features workbenches for data originators, transcribers, correctors, interpreters, analyzers, reporters, managers and administrators; and
  • accepts and exports data in any standard format; supports web-enabled data gathering and exchange.
Lolopop BIO Tools innovative technologies include:
  • DataStack Technology for complete traceability to source of authority for every item;
  • Non-Parametric and Parametric Statistics with automatic selection of appropriate statistic;
  • Interfaces for SFI, XML, CSV, Fixed Field, OCR Scans, Imaging, and Manual Input;
  • Dynamic Form creation;
  • Updates of Object and Variable Types without reprogramming;
  • Rules Engine for editing, scheduling and routing;
  • State Seeking Router;
  • GIS mapping of fields and results where appropriate;
  • Application of Quality Checks through verification, sampling, and screening;
  • Selection of results by statistical confidence;
  • Variable statistical screening with one number between 50% and 99.9%;
  • Automatic trend method selection; and
  • Coherence analysis for specific event types.